Why Premier Pro?

Premier Pro VPN Features

  • Privacy, Speed, Security, Reliability

    These are the four most important attributes we believe a VPN should have and we work hard to ensure all four of them. To explain how we achieve this would take quite a few chapters, but trust us when we say: you will love our VPN service.

  • Ultimate Freedom

    Our server switching capability allows you to switch your server so you can access EVERYTHING. Is it blocked in the US? Use our UK server. Is it blocked in China? Use our US server. Cheap VPN companies only have servers in one country, so their access is only limited to that country’s access.

  • Pay Once, Use Anywhere

    We use a highly compatible VPN protocol which can be used on almost all computers and devices. With one VPN account you can use our service on any device you want. Our VPN is truly portable.

  • Multiple servers

    We have many servers, but what does that mean to you? More servers means more speed, reliability and freedom for you. Even though it costs us more, we think it’s worth it. Quality is always first.

  • Personal service

    Unlike other VPN companies who handle customers with randomly assigned agents every time, we do this differently. We assign one agent who will stay with you through your entire membership with us. We believe this one-on-one approach creates a customer support experience that can truly be labeled as “personal”.

About us

  • In Business since 2005

    We have been providing VPN accounts to happy customers around the world since 2005.

  • High Quality VPN

    Our service is good, period. We do not overload our servers with too many customers as many other VPN companies commonly do to save costs. We use high grade 128bit encryption to ensure the utmost level of privacy. The result? Fast, secure and reliable VPN services for you.

  • Awesome Customer Support

    When we say awesome customer support, we mean it. This means we will assign you a personal assistant to hold your hand and answer all your questions from the moment you sign up with us.

  • Multinational Presence

    We are everywhere around the globe. We have state-of-the-art data centers everywhere from UK to Slovakia to the USA. This is to ensure fast connections for you wherever you may be.

  • State of the Art Data Centers

    Our technology partners have helped us build the state-of-the-art data centers around the globe. We use enterprise grade software and hardware to build our servers and hire the most professional engineers and system administrators to maintain them.